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ISBN: 9780352345394
July 2009
Black Lace, an imprint of Virgin Books LTD.
$12.95(USA)/ $16.50(CAN)/ £7.99(UK)
255 Pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

It is Sarah Meadows' twenty-first birthday and she has the day all planned out. First, she is going to taste her first glass of alcohol, and then she is going to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, David. When her plans fall through, she somehow finds herself welcomed into a group of two men and three other women.

Jack proceeds to bring Sarah up to the hotel room with the other four people, where he seduces her out of her virginity with some fine champagne on the side. All night long he discovers her body and opens Sarah's eyes to what sex really feels like. When she wakes the next morning, Jack has left an envelope full of cash for her nighttime performance.

At first Sarah is not sure what to do, but soon the money is used for both responsible and irresponsible things. When the escort service rings her up and explains they want their cut, she is terrified because it is all gone. Propositioning her with work, Sarah begins her job as a call girl as she continues to go to school studying philosophy. But it is not long before her work catches up with her in the form of a teacher, who recognizes her for what she is.

Sarah's Education is one sexual high after another, full of many different fetishes, fantasies, and many more sensual delights. Ms. Moore takes Sarah, a naïve virgin and somehow thrusts her into the world of call girls within a short span of time. The heat of each liaison is done brilliantly and none are boring, though a couple was slightly strange. My only complaint is the fact that Sarah did not confront her sister on a certain issue, especially after what her sister called her. But other than that, this is definitely a hot and spicy erotic romance full of sex, sex, and more sex that will have you wanting to read more from this steamy author.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of BDSM, anal foreplay, anal sex, f/f sex scenes, and voyeurism.

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