Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781613335772
September 2013
Decandent Publishing
59 Pages
M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Riley likes his life organized and as clean as he can make it, even if he lives a lonely life. His phobias have gathered strength over the years until he is unable to even take his own business in hand.

Basil is tired of his life filled with men he is unable to even call by name since he is unable to remember them. Faced with his inability to even reach fulfillment brings him to the realization he needs to change, but getting close to someone is out of the question since they always leave.

Riley sees a man worthy enough to leave his phobias behind, but is unsure if the sexy man would be willing to see past his pain. Basil is determined to change his ways which means no sex on the first date, but Riley tempts him to break all his new rules. Can two men who are lost find a home with each other?

Virginia Nelson writes a wonderful love story that touches the soul. Riley and Basil are characters so many can relate to; no longer wishing to be alone but too afraid to try for more. I love Riley as he is a very special man who falls into a rut without seeing it, and as time passed the rut got deeper and pretty soon he looked around and realized he was really just surviving and not living. Rumpling Riley is a light-hearted look at issues readers will be able to understand and even find a little bit of it in themselves.

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