Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9782771306003
Evernight Publishing
82 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Eve is lured to the latest concert for Arsenal, which is intended to introduce their new lead singer. They own a business that does all the publicity for people who want to be seen or heard. Eve is shocked to realize the new lead singer is her Rock Star Ex.

For Devon, seeing Eve in the audience is a blast from the past. He left her behind long ago and he is sure she never realized it was for her own good.

Eve hoped Devon would never see her in the crowd, but their front row seats give her away. Now that Devon has his eye on her, he is unwilling to turn away so quickly. Eve has grown up and she is willing to put on her big girl panties if it means working for one of the hottest bands around.

Rock Star Ex is a love story with hot rockers who make a groupie heart go pitter patter to the beat of their music. The characters are kind of sweet in the fact they appear to be more mature, stable, and talented individuals who appear to have none of the typical issues in a book about rock bands: the drugs, gratuitous sex, and alcohol, which normally feature so heavily in the standard rock star romance. Jewel Quinlan offers readers a beautiful love story that mimics the age-old adage 'sometimes when you let something go, somehow it makes its way back to you and true love never dies.'

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