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ISBN#: Unavailable
July 2009
Agora International ebooks
120 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Samantha Westman has a true best friend in Nate Harold. When her latest boyfriend breaks from her, he is there with hot chocolate, and margarita mix, and a shoulder to cry on if needed.

Nate knows that Sam, as he affectionately calls her, does not see what is right in front of her. That his feelings for her have always run deeper than just friendship. And after twenty years of being best friends, he is ready for more.

One minute Sam and Nate are best friends, and then suddenly the air is charged with a certain vibe and she sees him in a new light, one usually associated with a possible lover's interest. Afraid that a sexual relationship will ruin their friendship, she tries to brush it off as something else entirely but soon it is just too intense and they fall into bed. But where do they go from there, especially since Nate is coming off as hot one minute and then cold the next. Will Sam be able to figure out what it is exactly that he is looking for before she not only loses her new lover but her best friend as well?

Right Under Her Nose is a bittersweet romance with a touching storyline. Ms. Coston tells the tale of Sam and Nate, best friends for twenty years who have watched their other acquaintances get married, divorced, and have children, while they are still playing the dating game into their forties. We get to see the emotional roller coaster of Nate fighting to get Sam to open her eyes to her true feelings for him even as he fears she has given all she has to give. There were times though I wish that he could have just bonked her over the head and knocked some sense into her instead of making her try to figure out what it was exactly he was looking for. But in the end, this is a truly romantic story that has a good ending with a lesson to be learned about love coming at you after waiting in the wings for almost twenty years.

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