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Tasting Leon's Mark
Prequel to Tasting Leon's Mark: Re-scue

Prequel to Tasting Leon’s Mark
ISBN: 978-1-934446-89-8
November 4, 2011
Romance Divine, LLC
340 Pages
Erotica, Fetish, Paranormal, GLBT, BDSM, Time Travel, Shape-Shifter, M/M, F/M/F
Rating: 4 Cups

Lifetimes of disappointment, desire and death has done one good thing for the prey, it has become as ruthless as its hunter.

Craving the sex and submission of his prey is only part of the reason the hunter keeps searching for the one. There is no need for emotion, and in truth the hunter abhors the very idea, but something draws them together time and again.

The gnawing ache for pain to be mixed with pleasure throws this hunter and its prey together throughout time and space. The blood is an aphrodisiac neither can live without, but for the prey that blood is connected directly to its heart. Every time the hunter turns his back, the prey gets wiser, until a time comes when everything must change. No longer will the prey be satisfied by holding in the truth, and it may finally mark the end to what has been an ageless battle.

Be warned that the fetish angle within this story is knife play, and it is vividly and intensely exploited. The characters are consensual adults, and although the prey suffers greatly at the hands of the hunter, it must be kept in mind that it is all part of the game. I feel that the final coupling makes the whole story come together, and readies the reader for more to come. Although this read may not be for everyone, I find it to be a fascinatingly, if at times disturbingly, erotic love affair.

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