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Brac Pack Series

Book 1 - Maverick’s Mate
Book 2 - Hawk’s Pretty Baby
Book 3 - Sunshine's Savior
Book 4: Remi's Pup
Book 5: Stormy Eyes
Book 6: Oliver's Heart
Book 7: Keata's Promise
Book 8: George's Turn
Book 9: Loco's Love
Book 10: Lewis' Dream


Brac Pack 4
ISBN#: 1610343220
March 2011
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
E Book
91 Pages
Erotic Romance, M/M, Paranormal, Vampire/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Remi has been waiting his whole life to meet his mate. Always the jokester, he treated everything lightly until the moment he finds his mate.

Drew, once a straight-A student, is now a druggie looking for his next fix and running from the reality of who, or should he say what, he is. He is doing fine, or so he thinks, right up until the moment he runs into a brick wall who refuses to give him up.

Remi thinks if he can get his mate past the initial withdrawal, their life will at least be stable if not a bed of roses. Little does he know secrets will be revealed and lives will be on the line when a threat from the past rears its ugly head and changes some of them forever.

The Brac Pack series is expertly written, and each story can be read separately. Remi’s Pup is an outstanding chapter in a wolf saga and offers a very different story with the mate of a shifter being an addict. Lynn Hagen delicately addressed the ravages of addiction and withdrawal which afforded the reader a true peak into a touchy subject from the loved ones point of view. I would suggest if you want the full effect of a truly outstanding series then make Remi’s Pup the first in a long line of books, and I guarantee you will never be disappointed.

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