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ISBN: 978-1573447164
September 2011
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Snowlight Moonlight

When he found her, she was nearly dead, but saving her might kill him.

She awakens in a daze, and will soon realize dying might have been the easy way out.

The carriage accident and subsequent attack is nearly all she can recall, but what she is feeling now, she knows she has never before experienced. The primal lust raging in her veins needs an outlet, and her savior is willing and able to ease her pain.

This amazing debut will put you on the edge of your seat and have the heart pumping for more.

Cover Him with Darkness

She was only a child when she first met him, and yet Milja knew in her heart there was something more to his story.

For eons he has been bound to this stone, but the day she came his world expanded.

As the years progressed, Milja grew from a child into a young woman, but not even being sent thousands of miles away could erase her thoughts. No man can compare to him, and her heart and mind will be forever restless unless she can be with him again.

This nearly one-sided love story is thick with questions and yet the depth of emotion is unquestionably intense.

A Rose in the Willow Garden

The weariness is taking its toll on Bierce Caldwell, and he can barely bring himself to care any longer.

She waits patiently and knows someday he will come.

When he sees her Bierce can feel the pull of her soul. She is meant for him, and he for her.

The eerie quality of these two characters will have you hanging on every word.

The Blood Moon Kiss

When she got the part no one was more surprised than Christine Emberson.

He saw her and knew she was his, so Talen Kashkover made it happen.

The movie set and other actors pale in comparison to the leading man, and Christine can barely contain her excitement. Talen has waited so long for this day, and he will take every step to keep Christine by his side.

Love this ageless is nearly enough to make you weep, and this author does an amazing job of doing just that.


Every day he walks near the painting, Benjamin is drawn to her.

She waits and waits and then the time comes.

The thought of losing the painting has Ben stepping way beyond his station to save it. He gets his wish and so much more.

There is a sweet and innocent quality to Ben that makes you long to see him happy.


She made the doll, but she has no clue what she has really done.

He cannot speak, and yet he has no trouble conveying his desire.

The impossibility of his existence is hard to concentrate on when she is feeling so much. He might not be an ordinary man, but that is exactly what she has been looking for.

Sexy, sultry, and even a little spooky, intertwine with every step these two lovers take.

La Bella Mort

Her honor means more than her life and for this Lady Eliza Morton will hang.

He cannot bear to see her suffer, but can he convince her to believe?

How he came to be in her cell, Eliza does not know, but every moment in his presence is a blessing and a curse. She has no future, but she wants more than anything to believe.

The sadness of Eliza’s situation is crushing and the hope for her rescue is all encompassing.

The Persistence of Memory

Her life was saved by deadly violence, but Lily was not afraid.

Most would think Rowan a monster of nightmarish proportions, but she did not.

The one night spent in her arms was so extraordinary Rowan risked getting to know Lily, but the danger is just too much. Lily spends years trying to recapture a fleeting memory, and though there are others, no one satisfies the need within her.

There is such anguish in Rowan and Lily’s relationship, and it makes you ache for their success.


Her marriage has taken a turn and Vicky fears it might never recover.

To keep her safe, Jake needed to stay away, but his wife has a different idea.

Tromping across the moors at night is not the best idea Vicky has ever had, but Jakes means everything to her. She is sure with a visit to the doctor Jake will realize what he is saying is crazy, but this night might prove her deadly wrong.

I would love to see a full length version of Jake and Vicky’s story, and the heat and horror that will mark their every move.

Bitter and Intoxicating

With every swallow, Émile tries to drown his insecurities, but nothing seems to help.

She can see the passion in his heart, and Vérène will make him see as well.

Why this wondrous creature should care is beyond Émile’s comprehension. But what she has to show and teach him could result in the ultimate masterpiece.

The dark and mysterious qualities of these characters are scintillatingly sexy.

Tea for Two

Each morning begins the same, and though his days are agony, Gregory Moss will not give them up.

She watches as he slowly fades from life, but Anastasia can do little to help.

She is so tired, and yet no amount of sleep can ease her weariness. They need to let go, but neither are strong enough to take that fateful step.

The suffering of Gregory and Anastasia comes through with every action and word, and you long for closure for both of them.

Milady’s Bath

Every full moon she watches and waits, but Lizzie does not say a word.

The need to be with him overpowers all other thoughts, and she loves every moment in his arms.

Milady comes back bruised and battered, but Lizzie can still see the gleam of satisfaction under the dirt and scrapes. She only wishes she could be everything her lady needs, but she finds pleasure in knowing that no matter where Milady goes, she always comes back to Lizzie.

Lizzie’s heart is wondrously sweet, and what she feels for Milady comes across as genuine and true.

The Way Home

When she stopped in the bar it was for a quick drink and maybe a bite to eat before hitting the road again, but plans change.

He talks little and makes no promises, but Freddy is interested.

Her one night turns into several, and the next thing she knows, she has a steady job and lover, but something is missing. Freddy has a past that haunts the entire town, and discovering the truth might be dangerous.

The mystique of Freddy and his past is an intriguing twist to an already inscrutable set of characters.

The Queen

She is but a child compared to the king and his other companions, but Amelia is his chosen.

He is their bodyguard, but even one as talented and skilled as Landon cannot compete with this level of evil.

Loss and pain sear through every fiber of Amelia’s being, but Landon is there to help her through. There is only one thing left to do if they have any hope of survival.

This story pounds in sync with every beat of your pulse, and the need to read more is overwhelming.


Lifetimes have passed and still Micah wallows in the most despicable of prisons.

She has come to release him, but Hasdiel’s job is not an easy one.

Micah can barely remember a time beyond the stone walls and darkness, but it is only what he deserves. His past was not pretty, and yet the time has come for Micah to let go of his guilt, and Hasdiel is determined to make him realize his debt has been paid.

Forgiving oneself can be the hardest task of all and to read Micah’s story drives that point home loud and clear.

The darkness and desires enveloping the characters within these stories makes for an all together fascinating read. Whether it is a vampire, werewolf or spectral being there is something in all of them that you can recognize and sympathize. I love the broad scope of different timeframes, cultures and partner parings, and feel that there is something for everyone within these pages. Each of these authors will enrapt you with the depth of their characters and the complexity of their storylines.

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