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The Chatsfield
ISBN-13: 9780263246278
November 1, 2014
Harlequin Romance
$4.99 US / $5.99 CAN
255 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Orsino Chatsfield is used to risking his life for the sake of adventure. However, in all his death defying feats and challenges, none scarred him like Poppy Graham. The model with her passion colored hair and sassy attitude managed to get under his skin and make him believe they could do more than steam up the sheets. Now, he’s asking her for help.

Poppy hasn’t seen him for five years, yet the sight of the powerful and charming Orsino Chatsfield in the bed and wrapped in bandages churns up a bevy of old emotions and memories. Happy he can’t see her because of the wrappings, she’s sure her face would give away the fear and ache the thought of him hurt or killed brought her. But when he asks her to help him, the last thing she expects is for Orsino to act in the one role he seemed determined she would never again play—that of his wife.

The passion they both worked to ignore for years springs back to vibrant and unstoppable force when these two lovers are forced to reside under one roof. Thinking at first they can slake their physical needs without resolving their personal ones, they reignite in the bedroom. It isn’t enough, however, since both want more. Can they resolve the issues that tore them apart, or will they both be destroyed because of the Rebel’s Bargain?

Annie West manages to add a taste of elegance to this delicious concoction of sultry passion and angsty second chance romance. Poppy is extremely believable as a strong and charismatic woman who is used to men wanting her and desires one who loves her instead. Orsino may be physically injured, but his bruises don’t hold him back from being an irresistible hero. Fantastic world building and believable characters make this a great story for those who like the idea of fine china and satin stockings that end mid-thigh…

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