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Clarepoint Book 1, Eternal
Clarepoint Book 2, Undying
Clarepoint Book 3, Immortal

Clarepoint Book 4
ISBN: (10)9780758255691/(13)9780758255693
April 2011
Kensington Books
320 Pages
Fiction, Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Liam is a one of a kind vampire sent home to await judgment on an assignment gone wrong. He is condemned to live his life over and over until he gets it right, which he feels will never happen.

Mai has had her world turned upside down when her Uncle Donato is murdered, and now she and her father are on the run. She can only think of one man to call despite how little they actually know each other.

Liam is already in deep water for breaking the rules, but is unable to turn his back on Mai. Mai can only think of one person when in need and she is unaware he is probably the last person she should call.

Ravenous is a romping ride out of control. The characters are crafted to ensure they tug on the reader’s emotions. I found them fascinating and often offered a unique view or levity when needed. Ravenous and V.K Forrest are well worth taking the time to get to know and I would recommend the Clarepoint vampires for their human edge and fears.

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