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League of Love Series

Book 1: Caitlin’s Hero
Book 2: Mandy’s He-Man
Book 3: Laura's Light
Book 4: Pippa’s Fantasy
Book 5: Emily’s Cowboy
Book 6: Sarah’s Soldier

League of Love, Book 4
ISBN# 9781781842621
April 2013
106 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic
Rating: 5 Cups

Pippa’s dream just walked into the door, and she has to decide if the fantasy is worth the reality that comes after. The day after brings heartache and pain. Still, to be held for just a moment is worth it.

Mitchell, aka Rook, is tired of just being wanted for his athletic ability and good looks. The stranger in the bar brings back feelings, which he has once felt for another woman he will never forget. When reality steps in, will he be able to pick up the pieces and move forward?

Pippa and Mitchell find it difficult to move on and are stymied by the team's no fraternization rule. Pippa is about to give up and move away for both of their sakes, when a career-threatening injury makes them reevaluate and look at taking another chance.

The League of Love series is a wonderful storyline with each character shaping their own story and enriching the whole. Present in the previous books, Pippa and Rook have both been strong secondary characters. Ms. Gallagher gives all characters the strength to come out of the shadows and tell their own story. I absolutely love both Rook and Pippa, thrilled to read their story.

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