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ISBN #: 978-1-60310-504-0
July 2010
Red Sage Publishing
79 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Pandora Paige is a lively, unrestrained woman with an extrasensory gift that helps her to guide distressed people out of the darkness of their despair. She assists them toward overcoming their emotional upheaval and urges them to embrace the healing powers she can bestow on them. Her talent is something she cherishes, but in order to continue to alleviate the shadows, she needs to remain aloof from the souls she helps.

Flint McCallum is a man shrouded in darkness, a man who does not give in to his emotions. He is rational and logical and his military past has taught him that sentiment can be deadly. He keeps his anger and despondency bottled up inside and his internal struggle is taking its toll on not only his sanity but also his relationship with his son.

Flint is inexplicably drawn to a strange bar one night where he finds beautiful Pandora. Passion ignites and he cannot deny the connection and attraction they share. They come together for one night of unrestrained pleasure where Pandora uses her special gifts to help Flint expel the deep darkness in his soul. This couple could not be any more opposite, but the night they share marks them both in ways they never thought possible. What happens when they need it to be more than just one night?

Jennifer Lynne weaves a contemporary romance with the feel of a paranormal. It is magical and mystical, filled with passion and compassion. Pandora is a fantastic heroine. Her artistic and creative nature make her the perfect counterpoint to the austere and serious Flint. This story is full of steamy scenes and entrancing interactions. I love the other-worldly descriptions of Pandora's sculptures; the sensuality combined with the artistic flare made it fascinating for me to read. I am usually not a fan of the tormented, somber leading man; I prefer my men with a lighter side, but this hero is just that -- a hero. He has demons that haunt him, and the fact that he worries over his son makes him more attractive to me. The relationship between the main couple, although abrupt, comes across as genuine. I was honestly a little confused at the beginning of the tale as it seemed to focus on Pandora's powers, and I did not know what direction the story was going to take, but I will admit to completely enjoying the outcome.

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