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ISBN#: 9781615818372/9781615818365
April 2011
Dreamspinner Press
E Book/Print
200 Pages
Fantasy, Paranormal, M/M
Rating: 5 Cups

Duncan Andrews is intimately familiar with that which goes bump in the night. Tired of living his life for a ghost, he decides it is time to start dating again, but Robbie is just as determined to hang on even though he is ghost.

Robbie is Duncan’s boyfriend; dead for ten years from a car accident. Daisy is his Zombie dog, and Gina is his best friend who also happens to be a witch. Is there room in his life for an ordinary, living, breathing guy or is he destined to wander alone with his rag tag band of paranormal friends?

Robbie may want normal, but the paranormal is what it is going to take to solve his latest case. Thinking he had his hands full with the latest case, he is alarmed when a client’s husband is missing and a serial killer, possibly of the supernatural kind, is on the loose.

Pale as a Ghost is explosive from the beginning. I love authors who use a sense of humor when creating their characters, and Stephen Osbourne has demonstrated an excellent handle on quirky characters. The book moves along at a fast pace, pulling the reader along for the ride of their life. Who could resist a zombie dog, witch for a best friend, a dead boyfriend and a mystery afoot? If you are looking for a merry jaunt through the paranormal world then Pale as a Ghost is the one for you.

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