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ISBN# 9781772338850
June 2016
Evernight Publishing
91 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, New Adult, Taboo
Rating: 4 Cups

Rebel fears nothing in life; he lives on his own terms. The one exception is his inability to tell his step-sister his feelings for her.

Rosie has always loved Rebel but she fears his reaction if she tells him. When she blurts it out, she is shocked by his response.

Rebel and Rosie have found their way to each other, but some would rather they be apart. Rebel is shocked by how hard Rosie is willing to fight for them. Rosie is surprised by the lengths Rebel will go to protect her. Rebel and Rosie will fight to be together in the face of condemnation and danger, but will it ultimately tear them apart?

The writing of Ms. Snow is thoroughly entertaining because the worlds she creates are vivid. Painkiller is a solid story and the characters are well rounded and easy to become involved with. The storyline seems a bit rushed, but the reader is able to get engaged with the story despite the pace. I enjoyed the story of Rebel and Rosie and would recommend it for the romantics at heart.

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