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Purrfect Mates Series

Book 1: Here Kitty, Kitty
Book 2: My Little Kitty
Book 3: Our Sexy Tiger
Book 4: My Angel Cheetah
Book 5: Kitty in the Middle
Book 6: Cheetah In Charge
Book 7: My Feisty Kitten

Purrfect Mates, Book 3
ISBN#: 1610343522
February 2011
Siren Publishing
E Book
112 Pages
Erotic Romance, M/M, Ménage a Trois, Shape Shifter, Vampire
Rating: 5 Cups

Kody Donovan is a special shifter who needs two mates to keep him safe. When he finds his mates he is, at first, extremely happy but the past will soon snatch his happiness.

Conley Norton, leader of the West Coast Vampire Covens, and his ex-lover Marc Rindge have an unhappy past but maybe Kody will be the glue needed to stay together this time.

Unfortunately for these three, the past has a way of repeating itself. When their new love is in jeopardy, will they work together or will the past repeat itself.

The writing of Joyee Flynn is always entertaining and never leaves a reader disappointed. Our Sexy Tiger is no exception and entices the reader to pick up all of her books. The characters in the Our Sexy Tiger are created with a realism that must be read to be believed. The vampires and shifters jump off the pages, and keep the reader captive with their very essence. I highly recommend Joyee Flynn and Our Sexy Tiger as a jump start to becoming a fan of the Purrfect Mates series.

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