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ISBN# 9781595789440
July 2012
Liquid Silver Books
166 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Anna has a life anyone can only dream about, until the day it turns into a nightmare. She and her husband have their issues, and little does she know, but they are bigger than she could ever suspect. So the man delivering the news is slowly getting under her skin. Anna imagines there is more to the story than what she is being told and feels as if she is flailing in the dark. Can the messenger become her light?

Frank is drawn to Anna from the start, but must do his job. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes less important than Anna herself. Will she let him lead the way or has her husband destroyed her trust in men?

Anna wakes up one morning, never realizing her life is on the way to Crazy Ville, with her as an unwilling passenger. Frank starts out doing the job, until he would rather be doing anything but. Together, they must unravel the lies and work toward a future free from the insanity.

No Perfect Secret is a wild roller coaster ride through a brief period in one woman’s life. Betrayal is the subject, and pain is expected, but in the end it may have all been worth it. I have felt emotional through the whole story, one minute cursing and the next laughing. The characters will get under the readers’ skin and entice them to visit Crazy Ville, even if only for a moment.

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