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ISBN#: 9781626491434/9781626491441
July 2014
Riptide Publishing
204 Pages
Action/Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Suspense/Thriller, M/M
Rating: 5 Cups

John is on the verge of creating a useful instrument which would allow people to hear each other's voices across great distances. Unfortunately, he needs platinum to finish the prototype and create some for distribution. He is headed to the gold mines but needs someone to assist him on his endeavor.

Robert is looking for a different life and John appears to be the one to set him the opportunity to start life anew. The man is strange and never lets go of his box, but he entices Robert in many ways, and is willing to risk his life to see where it all goes.

John and Robert are on the road to discovery of more than one type. Danger stalks them, but, along the way, John and Robert draw closer together. But in the end, will it be enough? How much are two men willing to sacrifice for the good of the other?

Noble Metals is an outstanding steampunk story. I found John and Robert two interesting men who went through an evolution through the pages of the book. The reader has no idea the whole story is about love and not greed, but through every word, the writer reveals a love which would not be denied despite what others might think. I absolutely think the writing of L.A Witt in Noble Metals is worthy of more than one read.

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