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ISBN#: 9781920468903
October 2010
Silver Publishing
174 Pages
M/M, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Nicholas Rylander is on the run from the man who killed his best friend and who wants to now kill him for witnessing the murder. He has dressed like a woman, moved to the other side of the country and now goes by the name of Nicky Ryland. Too bad, he has just met the man of his dreams and said man thinks he is a woman.

Seth Leighton has been getting by on hook-ups for quite some time. When he first sees Nicky he cannot believe how much his eyes are going to the woman’s ass, or how turned on he is by her. He likes Nicky, but he knows darned well he is gay.

Not long after Seth meets Nicky for the first time, it is all he can do to get back to his apartment and relieve the pressure on his zipper. He has never in all his life been sexually attracted to a woman, so the idea that his libido has sat up and begged for him to “do” one is really confusing him. Deciding he is so not going there, Seth calls up a long-time friend and hook-up and resolves to get Nicky out of his system once and for all. There is only one problem, Nicky is not at all what she seems and Seth is about to get the surprise of his life, complete with gun-toting gangsters and a sexy little exotic dancer named Nicholas. Will he be able to handle the truth about Nicky, or will he turn her away perhaps losing the best thing in his life?

WOW! My eyes probably bugged out about a hundred times during the reading of this latest installment from Ms. Glenn, but in a very good way! Those of you that have read my other reviews of Stormy Glenn’s books know I’m a huge fan of hers, but I have to admit she surprised me with this one. The realism and depth of emotions portrayed throughout the book really got to this reader. I felt as though I were living in Nicky’s skin and experiencing everything he did; the fear of being killed by his former boss, the fear of what Seth would do when he found out Nicky was really Nicholas, as well as, just the fear of having to live as a woman the rest of his life and maybe never finding true love or even a good hook-up ever again. The suspense just about killed me as well, and I found myself rapidly turning the pages to see what would happen next (okay rapidly tapping my mouse, but you get w hat I mean). Ms. Glenn has written another stellar story with My Girl, and I for one cannot wait to read the next book. Ms. Glenn’s books are like potato chips, you cannot eat just one!

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