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Hidden Lies, Book 1
ISBN# 9781629161334
June 2015
Hartwood Publishing
177 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sophie Hanson is in trouble because she is deeply drawn to a man she can never have; her boss. Just when it appears she might have a shot, her past steps back through the door and nearly crushes her.

Ryan Locke has no clue what hit him when Sophie Hanson walked into his life, and no matter how much he fights the need, he loses the battle.

Sophie Hanson is not who her name says, but the truth will be enough to tear them apart. Unfortunately, as it usually happens, the truth can be seen from different points of view but reality leaves no room for doubt. Will forgiveness prevail, or will the pain be too much to move past?

It is said the road to love is rocky, but Misled will take you off even the rockiest path. The emotions are in the reader's face and undeniable. The author leaves no corner of the heart untouched. I found the characters fascinating and hope that Hayden’s book is in the near future. I highly recommend Ms. Griffith and her Hidden Lies series.

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