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ISBN#: 9780758238016
October 2009
Kensington Aphrodisia
320 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Too Hot to Handle

Jade Rousseau is up for promotion. The only problem is the company is family oriented and Jade has no husband. Her solution is to find a fake fiancé.

Quinn O’Malley is a firefighter and quite a catch. He is very picky about the women he gets involved with because he is looking for that one woman for him. He is under no illusion that he will find her at a bachelor auction until Jade's friends buy him for her.

Jade has a plan to find Mr. Right but for right now she needs a man to play the role until she gets her promotion. She has no expectation that Quinn is the one because he is not the white collar man she thinks she needs, but what is a woman to do when a man sets her on fire and knows how to put it out?

Jade and Quinn are so sweet. They are both looking for the same thing but neither can see the forest for the trees. When they finally put a match to the smoldering fire the heat burns out of control. This is an outstanding read.

The Firefighter Wears Prada

Delta Ballantyne loves fine clothing. As a designer she has an eye for fashion and a need for a firefighter to model her new line. What she is unable to comprehend is what this ultra sexy firefighter has against fine linen.

Evan Marshall has seen the destruction of women like Delta who believe that the clothes make the woman and that they need to spend a lot of money to feel good. His ex was of the same mind except her pleasure in purchasing the clothes never lasted more than a moment and he was always left with the bill.

Delta is determined that Evan will be her model even if she has to beat him at basketball for it. Evan is shocked by Delta’s ability to get dirty even in her fancy clothes. It is yet to be seen who will actually come out the victor in the end.

This is a wonderful story that captures the reader just from the outstanding visuals of Evan provided by the author. The story rolls along smoothly and carries the reader with it. Well worth taking a break to read.

Playing With Fire

Erica Donelson has relied on Lincoln for support since her ex-husband left her. Now that Linc needs her she is determined to see that he gets everything he needs no matter what it takes.

Lincoln Gabriel is torn between his career and the woman he truly cares for. After his injury on the job he quits in order to keep Erica from ever losing someone she cares about again.

Erica is determined that Linc will return to firefighting and Linc is just as determined to do whatever it takes to make Erica happy. In order to find true happiness they must communicate and think about their own happiness in order to make the other happy.

Playing with Fire is one hot story. I was thrilled to read about their erotic loving as well as the deep love between Erica and Linc.

These three stories together make this book hot, hot, and hot. I was enthralled with all three stories and finished the book in record time. Each character brought their own unique personality to the book but all of the characters could have been friends. The choice of blending these three stories into one book is inspirational and exciting to read.

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