Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781604354010
August 2009
Red Rose Publishing
131 Pages
Contemporary Romance, Interracial
Rating: 5 Cups

Sydney is thirty years old and the oldest of three sisters who has no male prospects on the horizon. Her two youngest sisters found and fell hard for the men in their lives and after just a short time they are in love. She is beginning to wonder what is wrong with her and then she attends a masquerade ball and a walking wet dream walks in.

Caine is bored and with no prospects for the night so he attends a masquerade ball in his friend’s steed.  He meets the most amazing and sexiest woman he has ever met but after a night of nameless/faceless sex she disappears. 

Sydney is due to deliver her newly designed aircraft to a client who has become a friend over the months of negotiation and designs.  In shame she flees the sexy one night stand from the masquerade ball and heads to meet her new client.  Caine wakes up the next morning and attempts to locate the anonymous woman of the night but to no avail.  He arrives to meet Syd and discovers that he is a very sexy she who he is immediately drawn to.  Confused by his feelings for two women he courts one while looking for the other.

Masquerade is a laugh out loud good time. Reading about these two prideful characters bumbling along on a collision course was entertaining. I love this series but I must say Sydney’s story is the highlight and Laverne Thompson truly left the best for the last sister. No one should miss the Three Sisters series and most especially Masquerade. Masquerade is so wonderful that I never wanted it to end and read it again almost immediately.

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