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ISBN#: 9781612172934/9781612172927
August 2012
The Wild Rose Press
372 Pages
Fantasy, Faery Rose, Vampire, Shape-Shifter, Scotland
Rating: 5 Cups

Michaela is on the last trip of her life and her days are numbered. Her death will come at the hands of a tumor with no cure. Alan was antagonistic at first and she quickly realizes if she could pick the last man on this earth it would be Alan.

Alan and his brother have been cursed for centuries. Michaela is the one who can break the curse but can he tell her the truth despite her fate?

Alan and Michaela may never get the chance to figure it out as there is another with hate in their heart. The unknown shifter looks to destroy any chance of breaking the curse and a life of freedom.

Magic of the Loch is an emotionally packed story from anger to despair and every emotion in between. I was torn between whose story was more heart wrenching; Michaela or Alan and his brother. I dare you to read this book and be able to put it down just once. Karen Michelle Nutt builds a beautiful world full of vibrant characters and settings. Magic of the Loch is a story worthy of a second read because the first will never be enough.

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