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ISBN#: 0797734794625
February 2010
Silver Publishing
131 Pages
Gay, Fiction, M/M, Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Alex is spending a few months in London, and he meets the man he thinks is for him. Not realizing he missed the signs of a secret love of another.

Paolo has always had feelings for Alex but feared telling his roommate how he felt. He showed his feelings by being there for Alex when it all went wrong.

Alex is desperately in love with Mason, but he has never been with another and wants to be sure. Paulo is desperate to get Alex to see that something is wrong in the relationship, but Alex fails to heed the warning.

Lust in London is an interesting story, but I found it rather difficult to read. I was disgusted with Alex who appeared to have the brain of a professor but the personality of a teenage girl, which I think made the story unimaginable unless the character was a stalker. His apparent obsession with someone whom he had just met seemed strange and forced. I think that Alex becomes more of a man towards the end when he realizes that a relationship with Mason is poison. The only redeeming character in the story is Paolo, who had true and real emotions, and you can actually feel his anguish for Alex. Although the story line was unappealing, I found the writer has a strong ability to draw a clear picture with words and, with the creation of Paolo, demonstrated an ability to create a real character that draws sympathy.

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