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Sinners and Saints: Book 1
ISBN#: 9781595788245
April 2011
Liquid Silver Books
117 Pages
Paranormal, Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Avaritia has spent thousands of years infecting the hearts of men with greed; that is her job. She is rolling along fine until one affair with an angel leaves her world in turmoil. Little does she know even angels are capable of deceit.

Dante is stunned to find the woman he has loved from afar for years is, or was, in love. Her being in love is not the issue but being in love with anyone other than him is. Now all he wants to do is be the one to pick up the pieces and help her.

Avaritia has a secret; one that could get her killed. Her sin, involvement with an angel, and the resulting banishment could become the least of her worries if Dante presses for more from her than she can give. Dante has secrets that will rock her world --like the fact he is in love with her.

Lost Wages of Sin is an intriguing read. There are so many sinners in this story it is a wonder the book never goes up in flames. I love Dante and his determination to finally show Avaritia how he really feels. The characters are original and solid, which engages the reader to follow them through their adventure. Lost Wages of Sin is well worth the read.

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