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ISBN#: 9781609284305
August 2011
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
E Book
150 Pages
Shape-shifter, GBLT, Alternative
Rating: 3 Cups

Cory is a wolf coming into his own. His father is the leader of the pack and determined to retain complete domination over him no matter the cost.

R.J is happy to live in the country where his wolf can run free. He is satisfied teaching young wolves to use their natural talents until one colorful wolf rocks his world.

Cory is something special and it just may get him killed. There is an uprising on the horizon and everyone must choose a side and fight for their lives. R.J and Cory are breaking all the rules. When the world crashes in on them will their love weather the storm or will they lose it all?

Lone Wolf is a frisky story of love between two hot men. It provides a glimpse into a world where the wild attempt to cage themselves and what happens when it decides to set itself free. I found the storyline intriguing but was disappointed by the character development. I usually enjoy the characters in a book and want to find out more about them but in the case of Lone Wolf no characters inspired such a need. The relationship between R.J and Cory made up for the lack of interest in other characters, and Shelley Munro provides a relaxing story for the reader to enjoy.

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