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ISBN#: 9781419995118
April 8, 2016
Ellora’s Cave
250 Pages
Erotica, Contemporary
RATING: 2 Cups

Lianna’s life was just turned upside down; her boyfriend of five years broke up with her and confessed he has been seeing someone for the last six months. She had put her entire life on hold, waiting for Sabastian to decide he was ready to settle down with her and move forward. Now all those years seem wasted.

Sabastian receives a naughty email from Lianna one day, clearly meant for someone else, but he responds to her offering to explore the areas of her email further. Initially Lianna simply apologizes and deals with the embarrassment of sending the wrong person that type of an email and does not respond further. Sebastian pushes the email to the side and continues with his life of working far too many hours and holding women at a distance.

When Lianna’s boyfriend ends things, she responds to Sabastian’s email confessing things that she never voiced to anyone else. Their email exchange continues, focusing nearly entirely on their naughty thoughts until one day Sabastian asks if Lianna would be willing to meet in person and take things further.

I enjoyed the first quarter of this book; the back and forth email/text exchange between Sabastian and Lianna was intriguing. I liked Sabastian’s focus on Lianna and desire to help her embrace who she truly is. I found Sabastian easier to relate to than I did Lianna who I found was immature throughout the book. After the first quarter of the book, everything seemed to go downhill. While there were incredible sex scenes between Lianna and Sabastian, after a while they became very repetitive. The repetitiveness was not just limited to the scenes, but also to the descriptions and wording. For example, Lianna seemed to only say two or three phrases in the bedroom no matter what the scene involved. I was incredibly disappointed with the ending of this book and felt there was no closure provided regarding Lianna and Sebastian’s future.

Please note this book contains BDSM, anal play and one instance of physical violence.

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