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ISBN#: 9781935048589
March 2010
Class Act Books
182 Pages
Contemporary Interracial Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassandra is discouraged by her past relationships with men and feels there are no good ones left. Unfortunately she needs one to have a baby, and that is one dream she is unwilling to forsake. She turned to the donor lists her doctor gave her but not one fit the bill; then Mark walks into her life and he is perfection.

Mark has met the woman of his dreams right up until the moment she says she wants him to be her sperm donor. How unromantic is that? All is not lost because maybe if he could get Cassandra to see things his way he could be her baby’s Daddy.

Cassandra and Mark each have an agenda and in order to get what they want they have to agree to the demands of the other. Can Mark convince Cassandra not to give up on forever and the white picket fence or will Cassandra’s fears forever keep them apart?

Laws of Attraction is a beautiful love story with just enough spice to make a reader sweat. I found the characters beautiful and rooted for both to get what they needed. Stephanie Morris has risen to the top of my TBR list and will hover there forever. If you like a beautiful love story with lots of spicy sex then Laws of Attraction is one hot book that should be on your list.

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