Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781771300254
May 2012
Evernight Publishing
144 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, Western, Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Wade is shocked to witness the arrest of the sweet elderly Emily Richardson. Who can believe she could murder someone? Clueless, he is determined to discover the truth, right after he has dealt with the return of the woman who ripped his heart out–Sophie.

Sophie is shocked to hear the voice of a man she once loved beyond reason. She is even more shocked to discover he is calling her to inform her Gran is under arrest for murder. Who can ever accuse a little old lady of murder? Better yet–how can Sophie deal with seeing the one man she regrets causing so much pain in the past?

Wade has finally moved on to another woman, but seeing Sophie again makes him wonder how he could ever believe to be over her love. Sophie is happy to see Wade despite the pain it brings back, and the fact he is with another woman does not help. Wade and Sophie must work together to discover the truth and find the real murderer in a town of people they have always known.

Ms. Devereaux builds a world of love, loss, intrigue, mystery and erotic passion that cannot be ignored. Wade and Sophie are intriguing. Despite the years apart, it is readily apparent they fight to stay distant, more than they have ever done to stay together. I find the love story moving and the mystery unbelievable in a wild rollercoaster ride of love, loss and betrayal.

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