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ISBN: 978-0-425-23381-8
February 2010
Berkley Sensation
$7.99 US/$9.99 CAN
354 pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Man From The Moon

Isobel is a veterinarian who is about to have her whole life change. She is kidnapped to help a wounded man by a bunch of warriors believing she is a regular doctor not one who treats animals.

Daniel is literally the man in the moon; he is from the future and has been hurt while there on a mission to try to save mankind. The only chance he has is if Isobel can heal him.

Hoping she is not crazy, Isobel helps these men and soon finds her feelings are growing for Daniel. But can these two strangers from different worlds and different times find a life together?

This story is exciting and fun. One can only hope the future holds many more men like Daniel.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Marguerite Baptiste is running a very successful online dating business for the elite, not just your average person. But when an irate man comes to her office wanting satisfaction over getting more attention than he ever wanted, her whole life is about to change.

Larry Wilson is a Navy Seal whose friends thought it a great idea to sign him up for an internet dating service. Only, he has gotten way more attention than he can handle and wants something done about it. That’s why he has come to see Marguerite.

As they are about to try a plan, Marguerite is transported to another place and time, to 1870. The world she lands in is both strange and similar in many ways, including the men.

No matter the time and place, this story was as odd as it was entertaining. A great story of love throughout time.

The Drowning Sea

Iain MacNab is a Scotsman who is nothing more than a simple peat farmer. He has seen the laird’s daughter from afar and has admired her beauty. But when she is in danger in the bogs, he comes to her rescue and soon becomes entranced by her.

Cassiopeia is the laird’s daughter who soon falls in love with the simple man, Iain. She wants to be with him forever, but when her father finds out, things soon take a turn for the worse.

Iain finds himself on the sea for many years avenging his only love’s death. When he and his crew are whisked into the terrors of the sea, he soon finds himself thrown back in time. Just maybe he will be given another chance at love.

Hot Scottish men and adventures on the high seas; throw in a beauty and a bit of romance and boom, you get a great story.

Sixteen Decades

Margaret finds herself thrown into a world unlike where she has come from. She is from 1870 but is now in 2010. But people are having a hard time believing her.

The local sheriff, Ty, is called when someone finds a woman who has been locked up in a shed and hit over the head. When he sees her, he instantly becomes protective of her.

With the strange happenings and the attraction between Ty and Margaret growing, life is far from calm and simple. Yet the fear of them not being together haunts Ty. Can he convince Margaret to stay or will she take a chance on going back to 1870?

Humor and romance make this story a winner. There is great chemistry between Ty and Margaret as well as other entertaining characters who balance out the story nicely.

Each of these stories is great alone but has been expertly grouped together. If you are a time traveler junkie, then this book by a group of talented writers is for you. It has humor, excitement, murder, and much more for you to enjoy!

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