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ISBN# 9781771301565
Evernight Publishing
299 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Anthology
Rating: 5 Cups

Chatting With a Vampire
Alaya is a busy woman, with tasks on her mind and no man in sight. After mistakenly sending an email to a total stranger, the last task on her list is…Get laid! “Maybe I can assist you with the last item,” is the reply to her mail.

Alex is bored. It has been decades since a woman has tweaked his interest unless it was to feed. Until he receives the most intriguing email from his mate, of all women, which brings his body roaring back to life.

Emails from a stranger lead to a phone call with a sexy-voiced stranger and a meeting in a bar. Alaya is unable to forget Alex and hearing his voice makes forgetting impossible. Little does she know the one email set her on the path of destiny…

Ms. King offers a brief glimpse of a vampire in modern times. I love the thought of a chance email bringing mates together and offering a chance at love.

Blood for Blood
Micah has lost his uncle to a murderous plot. As next in line, he has the most to gain from the lost. A woman, who has loved his uncle as much as he, returns from his past. Together, they must find the murderer.

Blaise blames Micah for the loss of her sister and sees his actions as betrayal. She is back for revenge and to right the wrong of murder. Mostly, she needs resolution with the deaths in her past.

Micah and Blaise have much to discuss, but it is difficult to rehash the pain. Unfortunately for both, the past refuses to die and revenge is but a step away. Will they avenge the present or will the danger among them set them on a different path?

Ms. Badillo expertly conceals the identity of the killer until the perfect time for the revelation. I have loved the tension between Blaise and Micah, while the intrigue has kept me on my toes.

Soul Reunion
Will and Thomas have each other, once they have had a third. Her untimely death has left them adrift though together. So they seek the help of a witch to cast a spell to bring their beloved back.

Halloween has always been a difficult time for Ruby. Nightmares chase her through the night, leaving her a zombie in the day. This year, she decides to escape the insanity of the city and return to her tranquil home.

Untimely death once again visits Ruby in her new life, and Will decides he is not losing her again. She awakens in her home to two strange men determined she will remember, but will she believe they love her in this life and not the woman she has once been?

Soul Reunion is truly a story of second chances. Ms. Clark expertly moves from the thoughts of one character to another without leaving the reader behind. The talented transitions offer a wonderful love story of two becoming three.

Blood Bond
Tori and Gianna have been best friends since childhood, bound by a blood bond initiated as young girls. Tori likes a taste of spice in her lover. Never thinking her sweet friend can be hers, she marries another.

Gianna awakens from an erotic but scary dream, involving her best friend and a Greek vampire god. When she shows up at her friend’s home, the Greek god answers the door and invites her in.

Tori and Gianna have always found each other attractive, but neither dream there can be more. With Dario between them, can the best friends become more than blood bond sisters?

Blood Bond is a beautiful story that leaves the reader wondering if it can ever work. The ménage is easy to fall into and fascinating to read, especially with the vampire being a side character to the story.

Kyla hates Halloween and vampires, which makes sense because she is a Necromancer. A vampire approaches her in a nightclub. Is he crazy or suicidal? It is time to find out which.

Liam is neither crazy nor suicidal. He is a desperate vampire needing to rid himself of a ghost. When he discovers Kyla knows very little about vampires, he begins to wonder if she can help with a ghost.

Cassidy, the ghost, is a horny pervert who refuses to move on, and no one can make him. Still, Kyla is shocked a vampire is friends with a human.

Haunted is a lovely story, with a hint of comedy to keep readers on their toes. I absolutely love Kyla’s reaction when she stands between two dead men who are sexier than any man alive while they calmly discuss her. Her reaction makes Haunted worth more than one read.

Once Upon a Fantasy
Miles spends her days regretting the past and having erotic dreams of the perfect man.

The perfect man may not be exactly what she thinks, but he is exactly what she needs.

If the tarot cards never lie, Miles has never believed them. Now she knows she should pay attention, for there is more than one way to interpret them.

An interesting story, although it leaves me thinking I have missed something. The relationship seems somehow incomplete. As a result, I find the story empty.

Fly by Night
Isabella spends her life in the shadow of her beautiful sister. If she may die a spinster, she is determined not to be a virgin, so takes what she wants.

James is very talented in the erotic arts, though he has other talents he would love to demonstrate to Isabella.

Isabella wants forever but fears James would never want the same. Then again, James wants eternity but fears Isabella would run screaming at the offer.

Fly By Night is a beautiful love story. James names himself a monster, which he is not, and Isabella looks beyond the obvious to see the man, which is a rare trait everyone should cultivate. I love Ms. Devereaux’s writing, and Fly by Night is another masterpiece.

Fangs for the Memory
Erica misses the scary movie nights with her cat. She does not enjoy it in the least until he arrives.

Vampires are accepted members of society, and Dashiell is a true gentleman.

Fangs is the local vamp hangout Erica’s friend drags her to. Little does Erica know the man for her is waiting inside.

The title alone has made me want to see what the story is all about. I have fallen in love with the character Dashiell. There is little said about his life, but the reader feels as if he were a friend. Fangs for the Memory is a love story for the ages.

Eternally Theirs
Melissa happily serves her three vampires until another comes along and changes their lives.

Bryce, Nick and Layton would like nothing better than make Melissa their bride, but it is her choice. An ex vampire hunter, Layton lives to protect Melissa, and this matters to her.

Someone is on the hunt, and Layton will make the ultimate sacrifice for everything dear to Melissa. Hopefully, he will gain a place in her life. Melissa will do anything to protect her three men and the new addition.

Eternally Theirs is a sexy story of a ménage or more lifestyle. The beauty of the story is that everyone is happy without friction or jealousy, which is a rare ménage storyline.

Living the Dream
Bianca has suffered childhood taunts and pitying looks about her damaged leg. She fantasizes about two sexy brothers who work at the orphanage she volunteers at.

Archie and Bernard have spent the centuries helping to run the orphanage they have started. Bianca’s arrival changes their lives and brings hope for the future.

Archie and Bernard offer hope for her ailing body and a promise of forever love. Encouragement from a longtime friend sets the three on a new path in life.

Archie and Bernard make for a hot panty wetting duo. Bianca is one lucky lady. All I can say is where can I get one let alone two? Hot, Hot, Hot!

The Last Hallow’s Eve
Halloween has been legislated away. On the last Halloween night ever, Joanna chooses to draw the masks in a Halloween shop and immortalize them forever. If only the voice in her head would go away, she could enjoy her visit to Haversham.

Brock Haversham needs a savior. Joanna is his last hope for redemption. In return, he will give her pleasure without end.

The last Halloween is Brock’s last hope, and Johanna his savior. Joanna knows she needs to see the Haversham home and make it part of her stories for all time.

The Last Hallow’s Eve is an exciting read, with thrills on every page. Ms. Maxwell is a clever writer to take society’s worst fears and make them a reality. I find the story both politically scary and erotically dynamic.

13 Raven Road
Lexie is a paranormal writer who is sure her imagination is getting the best of her. No one has met the owner of the house across the street, however familiar the gardeners are to all, except for her. She alone has seen the sexy man from a distance and wants to get up close and personal.

Phillip is surprised by the reality of his timid yet sexy neighbor. He assumes he would be in charge, but mind control fails to work on Lexie. Instead, this time she is in charge.

That Phillip is more than the man across the street is something Lexie learns the morning after he is gone. She is more devastated by the loss of him than the thought of what he truly is, but is he truly gone?

A story for readers who dreams of being with a supernatural being and with characters they will envy. If the storyline is straight forward, the ending provides a curve ball no one can see coming. Excellent!

The Red Dress
Terrified at the idea of supernatural beings, Alyssa is an innocent librarian who finds reading Stephen King the scariest thing she has done. When a fantasy from her past appears on stage, she is stunned because the last time she has seen him, he was human.

Chase enjoys working as a stripper since it feeds his lust for blood through the craving rolling off the ladies. So he is shocked to find the past he has been running from sitting in the audience.

Unable to resist the idea of finally getting his hands on her, Chase breaks all the club rules meeting Alyssa at her home. She is floored to have been horny enough to give a vampire her address. Both will be shocked by the outcome.

Oh, man, I so love the storyline, a supernatural strip club, and I want to laugh out loud at the genius Ms. Grey. Wow! The Red Dress is a wet dream in print. I so love the story I keep wishing for more.

Just Vamps is a feast for vampire lovers. The line-up of stories fit perfectly in theme, and each provides a morsel from a variety of genres. I find each story offers a different plot, with no redundancies at all. Never bored, I have easily gone through the stories, enjoying them for the uniqueness each has given to the whole. Just Vamps is a wonderful banquet for the erotic lover at heart.

Please note: Title contains F/F erotic sex scenes.

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