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7TH Eye Private Investigators

Book 1: The Mystic Touch
Book 2: Intruder Alert

7TH Eye Private Investigators, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781454300861
August 2011
Red Rose Publishing
236 Pages
Contemporary, Multicultural/International, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Lee is losing his mind and hearing voices. Even more disturbing is he is not alone. He awakes to find he is in another country and married with no memory of how he got that way.

Sage is a part of a plan which goes way beyond Lee and herself. With the ever growing cast of characters in their relationship can they truly find love?

Lee is in a fight for his very soul. Sage needs to thwart the evil wishing to be set free. Both goals lead to mortal danger and may cost them their very souls.

Intruder Alert is a story full of characters some living and some only living through others. I enjoyed the concept of the story and found the uniqueness refreshing. I found it difficult to keep up at times, but all in all this was a satisfying read. Fanny Armstrong writes a fascinating tale of love and sacrifice.

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