Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781604356809
April 2010
Red Rose Publishing
40 Pages
Contemporary, Interracial, Multicultural
Rating: 4 Cups

Celeste Vincent mourns the loss of her marriage and death of her less than loyal husband. With his deception on death Celeste has found that she no longer trusts men. Then her best friend Lacy says she has someone she wants Celeste to meet, a white man, admittedly a first for her.

Jeremy Walters still wears his wedding ring and mourns the loss of his wife. Tired of being stalked by his business partner, no matter how beautiful she may be Celeste is like a breath of fresh air.

With one meeting Celeste is enthralled with Walter and unable to forget the instant attraction she felt. Walter wants nothing more than to get his hands on Celeste’s beautiful body. In the beginning she shy’s away from making a move on someone else’s man but once she sees the potential it will take more than one clingy woman and societies outlook on interracial relationships to stop Celeste from getting her man.

In Pursuit of Passion is a sweet story about taking a chance on the unknown. A wonderful example of two people stepping out of their comfort zone to find the love of their lives. Empress LaBlaque states that she is the catalyst to the forbidden fantasy and she is so right. She provides a wonderful cushion for the reader to sit on while they step out of their comfort zone and into a little spice in life.

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