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ISBN#: 9781400073092-Trade Paperback/9780307459084-eBook
May 2010
Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback/eBook
$13.99-Trade Paperback/$9.99-eBook
325 Pages
Psychological Suspense, Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Police Chief Jonah Westfall has lived in Redford his whole life, but recently, strange things are occurring and his gut is churning. Along with the strange occurrences, his past is haunting him along with the women who would like to snag him.

Tia Manning and Chief Westfall have a past that still haunts them. Unable to let go, Jonah turned to the bottle and Tia shut herself off from everyone. Now that they are older and better prepared, they must once again visit the past in order to get through the present.

The town of Redford has sat stagnant for many years, but there are new people in town ready to shake it up. The trick is to figure out which resident is committing unspeakable crimes. Is it the OCD, Miles, who detests germs and prints? Is it the gypsy, Piper, who is looking for someplace to finally call home? Or is it the new Vet, Liz, that nurtures a strange relationship with her sister and an eye for Jonah? Too many suspects and not enough evidence, Jonah can only hope that he can figure it out before someone is seriously maimed or killed.

Indivisible starts out slow but then it takes off like a rocket. Each time a new character is introduced, I kept thinking ‘there’s the sinister character’. The mystery was carried throughout the story and never once was one character more a suspect than another. My favorite character though was the wild one that Jonah adopts and Sarge, the cantankerous veteran. Worthy of a good read, I challenge someone to solve the mystery before the last page is turned.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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