Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781601682833
March 2010
Aspen Mountain Press
127 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, Ménage (M/M/M/F)
Rating: 4 Cups

Adam Taylor has been in love for years. Squarely in the closet he has never felt free enough to step out into the light and admit who he is. He fears that if he is unable to take the leap he will lose the love of his life.

Paul Harrison has been fantasizing about Adam for years. Their long distance relationship has survived through Ma Bell and the Internet. No longer, he receives an unexpected house mate when he comes back from a visit with Adam.

Adam throws caution to the wind and leaps without looking. Unfortunately there were a few secrets that may prove to be more than he can stand. The question in which of Paul’s secret should Adam address first?

At first I Kissed a Boy seemed to be a distressing story for me to get through. About half way through the story I realized just why it was the book upset me. Addison Avery invoked in me the very emotions that Adam must be feeling throughout the book. I loved Paul as a character but wanted to kick his behind. Adam is a sweet man but I felt the need to shake him until he came to his senses. I will leave you with the thought that though Adam and Paul start out to be the main characters they are by no means the only characters with their heart on the line and a stake in Adam staying.

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