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ISBN: 9781935048060/ 1935048066
June 2009
Class Act Books
Print/ Ebook
$12.23-Print/ $6.50-Ebook
108 Pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Amy Bonner is furious over her coworker’s deceit. Peter Humbolt has taken her find at Morgan Castle and turned it into his own. Before she can even tell the truth, she is hit on the head from behind and Peter’s betrayal goes from being a dishonor to being deadly.

Laird Bern Randall has heard all about the Ice Maiden, as Lady Amelia Morgan is called. Every one of her suitors has fallen before her icy glare and cold countenance. Waking up with her in his arms shows the huge warrior that below the ice is a fiery passion just waiting to be unleashed.

When Amy awakens in a man’s arms, she quickly realizes that she is not herself. Somehow the knock to her head has made her travel back in time to the fifteenth century to become Lady Amelia Morgan. Finding that Bern wants to marry her, Amy continues to play the charade of being the other woman, all the while terrified someone will find out the truth. When a rejected suitor comes back and lays siege on the castle, her centuries collide when it is none other than Peter Humbolt who kidnaps her. Her only hope is a man who now knows the truth about who and what she is, and in a time when witchcraft is feared, a simple rumor could get her killed.

Ms. Adams has written a great time travel romance novel full of conflict, adventure, and passion. Ice Maiden is the tale of one very spirited woman coming from a time when women have a voice and rights, and pitting her against a man who believes a woman’s place is behind him. The only weakness in the plot is that Amy really did not worry overmuch about going back to the twenty-first century, which could very well have been her downfall. This is a very nice tale with funny anecdotes, verbal sparring full of sexual tension, and descriptive accounts of what life could have been like back in the fifteenth century.

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