Coffee Time Romance & More




August 2013
Sea Minor
222 Pages
Romantic Comedy
Rating: 4 Cups

Max is a dreamer and often lives in a world of his dreams. The backend of an imagined love affair brings him to meet the one he is absolutely sure is for him. Cath is looking for a piano teacher for her daughter and he applies for the job. The single biggest stumbling block to his plan for forever is that he has no clue how to play the piano.

In order to pull off his little charade, he hires his very own piano teacher. Mr. Evans is a grumpy old man with a drinking problem, and he may have more than piano lessons to teach Max. Cath's little girl Alice is missing her deceased grandfather and has a father who never showed up.

Max is playing a game and he is in danger of playing with the emotions of a vulnerable woman and child. Can lasting love be built on a foundation of lies and deceit, or will Max have to come clean and risk losing it all?

Max is a crazy character who caused me to cringe more than once. He recognizes his limitations, but decides to ignore them or work around them. I thought the romance of Cath took a back seat to the lives of Mr. Evans, Alice, and Max. By the end, the characters have all evolved, but the outcome is not a sure thing. Nigel Bird offers a unique cast of characters and a storyline guaranteed to make the reader laugh at the antics of Max.

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