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ISBN#: 9781609280611/9781609280918
May 2011
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
296 Pages
GBLT, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Fae noble, Richard Stone, stands somewhere in the long line to the throne, far enough back to warrant a decent fiefdom, a.k.a, slum and a spot with the local porn company. Unfortunately, he is not far enough back in lineage to forgo royal requirements, a distasteful marriage to a woman.

Thinking this marriage would be the least of his worries he realizes it is nothing compared to the family blade losing its power. He is rejected by the object of his lineage and must make up for his shameful deeds in eight days or risk exposure of his dishonor. Along for his journey is the woman he is forced to marry, a sidhe knight, and his servant, a long-time lover, who may be the cause of his shame.

Unwilling to give up his lifetime friend/lover and unable to shake his new wife, they must all learn to live together and figure out exactly what shame is weighing Richard down and rid himself of it. The trip will prove to be a bumpy one where few can be trusted, danger may be closer than he could ever imagine, and secrets will prove potentially deadly.

Vaughn R. Demont has a voice like no other and gracefully loans it to Richard Stone. The writing is biting while being funny. It is even more outlandish for the thoughts spinning around in the noble’s head. The stuffy nobility of the past is thrown out the window and replaced with a story to shock the soul and tickle the fancy. You will think there must be some mistake as no story could truly be this funny. I highly recommend you give House of Stone a try, but I must warn you, you will need to buckle up for the wild ride through a sparkling yet tarnished fantasy world.

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