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ISBN#: 9781935348504
July 2009
Amira Press
135 Pages
Contemporary, paranormal, fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Tempted by Lexie Davis

Dr Alessandria Aames, Ali to friends, is the top emergency physician at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. On her first vacation in years she meets an irresistible younger man.

Sean Graham is a genius in the video game industry and a self-made millionaire by the age of twenty-one. He thought he had everything he needed in his life until he met the sexy lady next door.

From the very first kiss sparks fly but Ali has been burned and jumping into the dating pool with a man 12 years her junior seems to risky. Sean thinks that age is just a number but he is afraid that it may be one number to keep him from the woman he is falling for.

This is a wonderful love story full of a very human fear. Older women are afraid of appearance especially when it comes to younger men. The author treated a touchy subject with the respect it deserves. I loved the hero because even though he was younger than Ali he takes the lead and shows her the way.

Hazy, Hot and Hunted by Crymsyn Hart

Louisa led a solitary life on the edge of the woods. She is content to live with then ghost she inherited until the day a man comes out of the woods and collapses at her feet.

Bowen has lost his wife and pack. He is on the run; accused of a crime he never committed. He is stunned to find the one thing he never saw coming; his mate.

Unprepared for meeting the perfect man she lets him go without a fight. When he comes back to save her from the terror that hunts him she is unwilling to let him go again.

Hazy, Hot and Hunted is a paranormal romance well worth reading. I was fascinated by the tie in between Louisa’s ghost and Bowen. This is an entertaining read that would be a shame to miss.

A Midsummer’s Eve Kiss by Dana Torrence

Gwen has never been one to yearn for marriage or to be a housewife. She thought her boyfriend of three years understood until the moment he said he had spent the time thinking she would change her mind. Determined to never trust again she is startled by the man who steps out of the woods.

Teyrnon is fae and on a never-ending quest to find his ruhyana and his time is running out. From the moment he sees Gwen he knows she is the one and now he must convince her that faeries really exist.

There are powers who would keep Teyrnon and Gwen apart. Teyrnon must discover the identity of his nemesis or risk been the sexual servant to a woman he can only tolerate. Dreaming of holding Gwen again no matter the cost he must find his way back to her.

A fascinating faerie tale that keeps the reader turning the pages to see what kind of magic the hero will use to get his woman back. I loved the hero even though his past deeds made him appear more human than faerie. A story well worth reading that will not disappoint.

An anthology that is delightful to read. It successfully keeps the readers engaged with the theme of hot summer nights. Yet each story had its own little twist that made each story interesting while still tying them all together. Hot Summer Nights is an excellent read for any time of the year.

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