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ISBN#: 9781402237386
October 2010
Sourcebooks Casablanca
$ 6.99
341 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 4 cups

Brina Chattan, promised bride of Christ, was raised in the Highlands to be a humble woman, suitable to her coming station in life. Although she is devout and devoted to her duty, she has a spirit that is proud and strong and can notch a bow to hunt a rabbit as well as her father’s retainers. Prepared for this life, awaiting the day she will enter the Church, she is caught unaware when she is dragged into the countryside on the back of the giant warrior's horse.

Conner, Laird of the clan of Lindsey, was promised to one Chattan sister. When her reputation is put to question and the other promised to another man, he is unsure what to do. That is until his eyes light on the woman in the undyed robes that mark her as promised to the Church. Her spirit shows through her eyes that meet his without fear, and her chin rises in challenge while he and her father speak. He decides right then that she will be his and no other will do.

Two strong people, driven by circumstance to each other’s lives and driven by passion to each other’s arms, may yet unite the clans and save Conner’s sister... that is if he manages to tame the Highland Hellcat.

Brina and Conner are both raised to live entirely different lives than the ones they end up living, having come from poverty or lower stations in life to positions of power through twists of fate beyond their control. What makes this unique is that they understand the lives of those around them and are better able to make decisions about what would really be best for the running of their lands and people. Also it makes them suited to each other as they are both very strong, very brave characters who do not lack daring or passion and watching the two of them shoot sparks at each other will have the reader flipping the pages. Absolute favorite part: the shoes. Penance was never so amusing as it is when brought to life by Wine’s descriptive pen.

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