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The Fallen Angels, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781454300823
August 2011
Red Rose Publishing
58 Pages
Interracial/Multicultural, Contemporary, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Kassie is trapped in an abusive relationship, believing her husband truly loved her. A new love has come into her life and her loyalties have changed.

There is a higher plan for Kassie, one in which she has recently been told. Kassie is aware of her responsibilities to a higher power and the precious life that has been placed in her care.

Kassie has been selected for a special mission. Any failure on her part could lead to the damnation of all mankind. Her journey might lead to her death, is she truly willing to make such a sacrifice?

Raven Starr writes an engaging story of damnation and redemption. He’s My Son is a beautiful story of the potential for anyone to become the one chosen for a special journey. The author provides a varied picture of Kassie throughout her life and the sacrifices she makes despite her loss of faith. He’s my son is an outstandingly choreographed story that leaves the reader with a different view of faith and the state of one's soul.

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