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Tales of the Citadel

Book 1: Soul Keeper
Book 2: Wrapped in Thought
Book 3: A Healing Caress
Book 4: Fighting Sanity
Book 5: A Hunters Dream
Book 6: Bound by Law
Book 7: A Limitless Sky
Book 8: Call the Moon
Book 9: Fire Dance
Book 10: Wrapped in Starlight
Book 11: Called to Power
Book 12: Crisis Management
Book 13: The Duty of Pain
Book 14: The Starborn
Book 15: Power of Learning
Book 16: Light of Battle
Book 17: Mauled by Destiny
Book 18: Heartbeat of Silence

Tales of the Citadel, Book 18
ISBN# 9781771114738
Devine Destinies, Xtasy Books
93 Pages
Parnanormal, Shape-shifter, Science, Fiction, Romance-Sweet
Rating: 4 Cups

Veera suffered a tragedy, and as a result is unable to close her mind to others. Time spent on a island where no one had a harsh thought or word heals her, but leaves her lonely. Stanik walks into her life, changes her world, and gives her hope.

Stanik dedicated his life to Veera from the first moment he saw her picture.
Meeting her cemented the strength of his feelings for her, as her very presence is a feast for his senses.

Veera must lean on Stanik to regain her life. The combined strengths make them a powerful duo and the power leads their destiny down an unexpected path.

Stanik and Veera are a beautiful couple who show love can grow in silence. Heartbeat of Silence is a wonderful fantasy set on a world in rebirth. The writing style of Ms. Grace carries the reader along on waves of romance they will never want to leave. As an introduction to the author and series it was a wonderful experience and one I look forward to repeating.

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