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Third Bite Series
Book 1: Eternal Hearts
Book 2: Bonded Hearts
Book 3: Healed Hearts

Third Bite, Book 3
ISBN# 9781771304818
Evernight Publishing
58 Pages
Paranormal Menage Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

When Piers, Thomas and Luc unite in a trio they think it will fill the hollow place in their hearts. Unfortunately, they discover the trio is meant to be a quartet. The hollow feeling grows. So Piers pulls away from Thomas and Luc, in part to punish them for a perceived slight, and partly out of pain for the missing part of his soul. Luc and Thomas stand by and watch Piers turn to others. Now the knowledge of their fourth unites the three with one goal?bring her home.

Lady Maryanne is sent away in disgrace for an indiscretion with a man she thinks loves her. She is now doomed to marry an unworthy man who is abrasive, rude and uncaring. When three vampires show up and tell her she is theirs and they will protect her with their lives, she is afraid to shame herself further by turning from the one she is promised to.

Piers, Thomas and Luc rush across the ocean to the Lady Maryanne?s side only to find her afraid and unsure. She is imprisoned by the one she is to marry, so they rescue her and promise her the world if only she would give them a chance.

Healed Hearts is an interesting story with pages where the story comes to life and others where the story is irritating. Piers is a less than vampire who acts like a three-year-old. The love scenes are erotic and spicy. Thomas and Luc make up for all Piers lacks. These two heroes rescue the story and provide a satisfying and erotic read.

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