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The Service Club Series

Book 1: Forty-Eight Hour Burn
Book 2: Marissa’s Rights
Book 3: Operation Mustang
Book 4: Hands on Justice

The Service Club, Book 4
ISBN# 1-62241-873-2
October 22, 2012
141 Pages
Erotic Contemporary BDSM M/F/M
Rating: 3 Cups

The attorney wages a heated battle with the sex crazed siren inside Justice McCall’s head every time she even thinks of Cade or Grant. She has loved and desired them for so long it gets harder to resist their pull, yet the last thing she wants is to be discarded when they are done having their fun.

As much as it has pained them, Cade Mason and Grant Leaver have given Justice more than enough time and space to accept them. Now, whether she likes it or not, that wait is over.

Fear, plain and simple, has controlled Justice for so long it is almost a relief when Cade and Grant make their move. She loves them so much it hurts, yet there are such dark sexual desires writhing around in her head, she fears they will eventually turn and walk away. Watching and waiting, Cade and Grant know exactly what Justice needs. They just hope that by forcing their hand they do not scare her away for good.

When you have two men like Cade and Grant make a united front, your best bet is a full surrender. These guys do not leave Justice a second to breathe, and the ensuing battle makes for one scorching read. Their domineering attitude, however, feels a little over the top, especially given that they are colleagues as well as friends. But if you like it HOT, you have most certainly come to the right place!

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