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ISBN#: 9781936653041
December 2010
Secret Cravings Publishing
89 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

What happens when the only world you have ever known explodes and, when the dust clears, resembles nothing you ever expected? You survive and make the best of the aftermath.

Tamerla Kendall had the ideal life one day and stood in the midst of the chaos of war the next. Decisions she was forced to make for survival still haunt her today, and the memories will never fade.

Sometimes the ravages of war are easy to dismiss. The telling of a survivor brings the war home. One woman’s story will alter the beliefs of many who thought they truly understood the meaning of survival.

Guilty Survivor is a moving story of war and survival. It is easy for the masses to lump all people into a group and declare them the enemy; Guilty Survival shows it is never that easy. I loved the voice of Tamerla Kendall and think it is only through her we are able to understand the true pain of war. I recommend Guilty Survivor, Memoirs of Tamerla Kendall but fair warning, you will cry and see the ravages of war through the eyes of a survivor.

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