Coffee Time Romance & More




Book 3 in the ANIMALS series
ISBN#: 9781603138581
July 2010
Whiskey Creek Press
189 Pages
Contemporary / Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Life may keep handing her lemons, but Adrian Culpepper is an expert at mixing up her own special brew. The one thing she does want, however, is to have her little sister back home where she belongs, but that might be kind of hard to do while she is living in a garage.

With his graduate degree nearly complete, Kevin Shepherd spends most of his weekends checking his data at the air quality control station on Jackdog Mountain. Usually the hike is just tedious, but this time it almost proves deadly.

With barely a roof over her head and very sparse amenities, Adrian has little to offer her sister, let alone a man, but Kevin is a fantasy come true, and she intends to fill up for the long cold and lonely nights ahead. She would love to have the time and freedom to date and fall for a guy like Kevin, but it takes every ounce of energy she possesses just to keep from starving. It may be delirium, but if so, Kevin never wants to wake up. He has fallen head over heels for a quirky little angel with a wonderfully overactive libido, but it is her tricky little aversion to relationships that has him stumped. He thought he had found love once, but never has he experienced such a driving need to protect, worship, and admire anyone like he does Adrian, and the thought of losing that is incomprehensible.

At some time in your life you may have run across a person who is a totally free spirit, and in my opinion Adrian embodies that type of personality. She has so little in material possessions, but is totally blessed with a wealth of courage, strength, and caring. Her eccentricities are adorably strange, and amazingly sexy, a combination which makes her relationship with Kevin oh so very, very hot. They just completely sparkle with life and love in a way that pulls you right into their story and them right into your heart.

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