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ISBN#: 978-1-934446-73-7
February 26, 2010
Romance Divine
164 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The only thing Rachel Mitchell wanted to do when she graduated from high school was follow her dream, and working for Vogue in New York is where she always thought that dream was headed. It has taken the unexpected death of her mother to realize that she is not exactly as happy as she should be.

He has been in love with Rachel since they were kids, but the night of her graduation Cole Ashton had his heart completely broken. He is now content with his life in Norfolk, but there has always been that one missing element, love.

The grief and pain of losing her mother is crushing for Rachel, and coming home to Norfolk weighs heavily on her heart. Her sisters and grandmother anxiously await Rachel’s return, but all Rachel can focus on is how hard it is going to be without her mom to talk to, especially now. Things with her boyfriend Jeremy have not been going well, and meeting up with an old flame like Cole has her heart twisted in knots. Cole would like nothing more than to make up for lost time with Rachel, but he can see that her grief, her job, and her life in New York may be bigger obstacles than he can possibly overcome.

Rachel and her family enrich this story with their bond of love and caring, although at times their involvement in each other’s lives can be somewhat stifling. Rachel’s character struggles over her feelings for two men, and while you feel for her and her dilemma, her indecisiveness is frustrating. She often acts as though she is a teenage girl in need of constant attention and affirmation, not an adult woman with a high profile career. In my opinion, she needs to step up and take responsibility for her own actions without relying on a nosy grandmother to make her decisions for her.

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