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ISBN# 978-1-5092-0464-9
February 17, 2016
Wild Rose Press
237 Pages
Romance Suspense, Suspense, Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Austen comes from a very wealthy family, although he has limited funds which most people are not aware of. His passion is horses, specifically Gambler’s Choice, which he has taken care of from the moment the horse was born. However, suspicion surrounds Austen after his longtime friend, whom many believe was his girlfriend, disappears one night and he is left with complete memory loss of the night.

Becca is overseas looking for a horse to purchase and sets her sites on Gambler’s Choice. Even after being told that Austen will not sell, her determination does not waver.

Becca and Austen develop an unlikely friendship despite their conflicting interest with Gambler’s Choice. When Becca is convinced that she caused an accident which left Austen severely injured with a threat of ending his competitive riding career, she drops everything to take care of him. When the suspicion of his past comes knocking on their door, they are forced to deal with the trauma head on.

The first half of this book was very slow for me; it seemed to drag on. However, it did pick up about halfway through the book and despite initially wanting to put the book down several times I was able to finish it. Despite all the buildup, I did not think the conclusion came with any surprise. The ending of the book seemed rather sudden, without any confirmation of anyone’s suspicion which I found irritating.

Reviewed by Heather
Coffee Time Romance & More



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