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ISBN#: (13)9781602728899
September 2008/March 2009-Reprint
Amber Allure, an imprint of Amber Quill Press, LLC
150 Pages
Gay; Anthology; Collections; Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Precious Ache

Dave Blanchard has a hard time meeting men. Topping over seven feet has people pointing, children screaming, and men interested only in seeing if he is proportionate in all parts of his body. When it comes to finding someone who wants to be with him because of his personality, there just does not seem to be anyone fascinated with who he is.

Micah Black is the man most likely to give his shirt off his back to those in need. When he bumps into Dave, they begin to reminisce over their time as foster brothers and friends. Dave has strong feelings for Micah and always has.

He thinks the other man is straight and he does not want to compromise their friendship to test the waters. Then a freak accident has Dave questioning if he should keep his feelings a secret. The reaction he receives stuns, shocks, and has Dave's heart pounding as he waits for an invitation or a rejection from the man he has come to love.

This story touched my heart deeply with how Dave struggles with his looks and trying to fit in in a world that considers him different. I found myself thinking how just about everyone can relate to this story and the effort most people put forth to fit in. Ms. Young has grabbed my attention with her wonderful writing style and amazing storyline. This is definitely a heart wrenching story full of steamy sex scenes, feelings of inadequacies, and love from afar.

Furtive Liaison

As a gay man who owns his own business, Shawn Delaney does not have to hide who he is. Sometimes though, he just wants to have a quickie with a stranger and leave it at that. After an extremely stressful day at the office, he goes into the nearest adult bookstore looking for some action.

Marc Wright is watching a hot number in the privacy booths in the backroom when he sees a man in business clothes. With his own body encased in gothic style and fingers painted black, Marc is ready for some action from the older man.

After having the best sex of their lives, both men go their separate ways but are unable to forget about each other. Weeks later, they find themselves beginning a new relationship. That is until a secret comes out about Marc that brings Shawn’s world crashing down. Can he wade through the lies and find the truth and will it bring them both the happiness they are looking for?

This tale started off hot enough, however after the first couple of sex scenes it got a little tiring. Midway through though, the overall storyline began to pick up and I became more enthralled with Ms. Young’s story. Shawn’s openness about who he is complimented Marc’s inability to be proud of his own sexuality and gave the story a nice conflict.

Furtive Ache started off really well and if this book was judged solely on the first story it would get a five cup rating. However, if I were judging this novel on the second story I would have given it only a three cup rating. Where the first story amazed and stunned me with its greatness, the second story was bland and left me disappointed until partway through. Starting off with a wonderful story, then getting a less stellar story that became much better midway through; Ms. Young has written a good tale full of unique characters and how they cope with being different.

Caution: This tale contains a younger man/older man relationship and is a red hot romance!

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