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ISBN# 9780803477063
February 2011
Avalon Books
192 Pages
Fiction, Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Delia Lavalle is unsure which she hates more; pretending to be a nun, or being escorted by outlaws. What is worse is she is attracted to one, but his criminal past and her habit stand in the way.

Tyrell just wants to go home, and if he has to escort some sisters to get there then so be it. One problem he may lose his soul for one of the nuns.

Delia and Tyrell are on course which will inevitably end in a collision. Will their secrets be revealed, or will the camouflage muddy the future?

From Wine to Water is a tender love story set in a time of war. I found the storyline engrossing and found the book moved along and was over before I knew it. Ms. Brown is a talented writer who writes with a voice able to lull the reader and provide a tender, or not so tender, love story. I recommend From Wine To Water for the heart and soul provided with each word.

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