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ISBN: (13)9781933449739
March 2009
Nightengale Press
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Jessica Rowe is going to Lewis Tech in Detroit, Michigan. While there, she will meet three other friends who will become her best and closest friends and be there when she needs them most.

Marguerite Cole is one of those friends, a girl who began school not really finding Jessica as a close friend. It is not until they begin to pass each other in the hallway and realize they have many classes together that their friendship blossoms.

With Rachel and Toma by their side, their bond continues to grow throughout their high school years. As Jessica struggles with a new love, a man who is not Jewish like her family wishes, it is these three friends who are there for her when she needs them most. In a time when JFK is becoming president, life for these teen girls is full of growing up, learning about sex, getting ready for college, and being the best at their special ability. When the time comes for Jessica to choose between staying in Michigan and going to a different state to study music, will she have grown up enough to make a mature decision on her own, or is she destined to stay in Detroit with her best friends?

Ms. Miner has written an intriguing story of Jessica who comes of age and grows from being a young girl to becoming a young woman. FourEver Friends is a nice tale full of what a teenage girl goes through and the changes in her body as well as in her mindset. The biggest downfall for me is that there is so much mention of music and composers that I felt as if I were personally learning a subject in school and not just enjoying a good book. I did enjoy seeing what the 1960's era would look like through a teenager's eyes, before JFK's assassination and as the Beatles are first introduced to people in America. If you are looking for a little light reading, this tale is not for you, but a must read for anyone who enjoys a story full of a different time, place, attitude, and even contemplating what could happen if you have sex before you are married.

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