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ISBN#: 9781605048048
October 2009
Samhain Publishing, LTD
163 Pages
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Violet Deeds has come to visit her Aunt Grace only to find that she has passed. She is greeted by the mysterious Byron Renfield and from the moment he opens the door she is deeply attracted.

Byron Renfield thought he had his life mapped out and the death of Grace and Fred is a bump in the road that he knows with time he will recover from. He has always stuck with his kind in an effort to receive redemption. That is until Violet knocks on his door and he can do no other than to claim her for his very own.

Byron and Violet’s world collide and now they are stuck in between. He has violated the rules of the Dominie Society and she could never go back to life without him. Somehow they must learn to live in each other world’s that is if the Dominie let them live at all.

The love between Byron and Violet jumps off the page and encompasses the reader. Byron is a vampire like no other and despite his desire he tries to do the heroic thing and leave Violet but despite knowing what he is, she is unable to let go. The strength of these two is portrayed clearly and the author wants to portray how much strength it takes to leave your own world behind and enter another. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and will continue to read the Forbidden series.

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